• Image of Mother of Creation- Opalized Ammonite Ceremonial Tribal Amulet
  • Image of Mother of Creation- Opalized Ammonite Ceremonial Tribal Amulet

This Ammonite Amulet amplifies the medicine of bringing that which is new to life. She protects and enhances structure and stability while Creating. She is the ultimate Divine Doula.

The Golden Spiral within the Ammonite describes the mathematical formula that is the binding creative force of the Universe. Ammonite holds the power of building and completion. The ancient Ammonite appeared on earth 240 million years ago.

This uniquely beautiful Opalized Ammonite is the focal point for this sculpted pendant, embellished with Swarovski crystals top and bottom. A copper compass marks her third eye for power and protection.

This power pendant hangs on a loop of Swarovski crystals, glass and copper beads and brass talisman. Lastly, she is infused with the power of Love through my focused attention to her creation.

This one of a kind sculpture, handmade by me, Sheri Treadwell, and came to life in my Temple of Trust Studio. While a rather large amulet, she is light weight and well balanced for comfort. She is made from a very durable beeswax based clay resin that attunes to your bodies warmth.
She is finished with inks, gilding and lacquer, then waxed to a soft warm sheen.
Infused with my intense Aloha during her creation, she radiates Love.

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From the Temple of Trust… where magic happens through the power of surrender.

©Sheri Treadwell Temple of Trust 2015
Photographs by Sheri Treadwell

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