"I love to let my wild muse guide me through this totally intuitive process known as art. Just opening to allow the creative process deep with in to emerge, letting it sweep me into the place where time stops and everything merges as one." -Sheri

Sheri lives and works in the small town of Norris, just north of Knoxville in east Tennessee. Her home and studio, Temple of Trust sits within a forest of trees that are home to an abundance of birds and wildlife. The Clinch river and Norris lake are her backyard.

She has been honing her art and craft for well over twenty years. This visionary artist combines her love of materials with her natural intuition to sculpt her art forms as a symbol of gratitude for the gift of life and all sentient beings present on this beautiful planet.

"Without a deep connection to nature I couldn't create these pieces of art. I feel as if they are pulled from the power of the earth while met with the creative energy of my source." -Sheri